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Commercial Cleaning Scope of Work 

✔️ Vacuum, sweep and/or mop all floors throughout building


✔️ Dust and disinfect all surfaces including desks, tables, chairs, doors, handles, monitors (not screens),  

✔️ Wipe down doors

✔️ Sanitize bathrooms, including sinks, toilets, and showers *if applicable 

✔️Replace paper products, soap, etc, as needed *if applicable & client provides

✔️ Wipe down exterior appliances in kitchenette/breakroom & interior microwave cleaning

✔️ Remove trash, replace liners, and take to exterior garbage bin *if exterior garbage bin is available

✔️ Wipe down desks *Premium add-on

✔️ Wipe down interior windows *Premium add-on


✔️ Hand scrub baseboards *Premium add-on

✔️ Wipe down interior of fridge *Premium add-on

✔️Hand-wipe down Faux/wood blinds  *Premium add-on

✔️ And more depending on your unique business needs..

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