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Big impact. Small Price.

What is a Micro-Clean?

If you're thinking about booking a home cleaning service, but feel like a deep clean throughout your entire home might be a bit excessive for your needs, then the Micro-Clean service is made for you. We'll send our expertly trained team of 2 - 3 professional home cleaners to thoroughly sanitize your kitchen, and as many bathrooms as you'd like. 

Since a Micro-Clean doesn't include any bedrooms, living rooms, common areas, interior windows, baseboards, etc, we're able to lower our cleaning costs and in return, save you money.


 Micro-Cleans start as low as $75.


 Use our new Micro-Clean booking form above to fill out your information, as well as what all you would like for us to clean, and we'll take it from there. 

The Micro-Clean service is now fully available in Durham & Chapel Hill, and also with limited availability—in Raleigh, NC. 

Micro-Clean Scope of Work 

Scrub (Kitchen & Bathroom Only)


Bathroom sinks

Heavy scrub of bathroom tiles



Wall behind stovetop

Kitchen sink

Microwave (inside & out)

Dust (Kitchen & Bathroom Only)

​Lighting fixtures1


Tables & Chairs

Exterior appliances


Floors (Kitchen & Bathroom(s) Included Standard)

Vacuum Carpet/Hardwoods/Tile, etc.

Mop floors

Wipe Down(Kitchen & Bathroom Only)

Kitchen counters

Kitchen cabinets (exterior)

Refrigerator (exterior) 

Oven (exterior)

Table tops

Bathroom counters (exterior)

Shower door

Shower caddy/ soap dish

Bathroom mirror

Trash cans (exterior)


Premium Add-Ons*

Whole Home Floor Cleaning

Oven Interior 

Double Oven

Fridge Interior 


Kitchen Cabinet Interior  *Must be empty

Bathroom(s) Cabinet Interior *Must be empty

Before We Leave

Straighten up & organize2

Empty Trash & replace liners *if provided

Turn off lights & A/C

Return any borrowed cleaning supplies

1. Areas of focus must have standard accessibility

2. Crews will straighten up and tidy as much as reasonably possible. Crews will not organize, decorate, or move furniture around

*Premium Add-ons can be included For an extra fee 

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