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Donating Clothes To Children In Hispanic Countries

Providing clothes, food, and supplies to hispanic communities in need

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Ana's Cleaning Services has been involved in providing donations to the needing communities of The Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Guatemala since 2017. Thanks to all of the generous contributions from our clients, we have been able to donate thousands of pounds worth of clothing, food, and essential supplies to hundreds of families in need.


January 12, 2023
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Since our previous donation to Campeche, Guatemala, we have sent out 3 more 100 pound boxes of donations to the families of Barahona, Dominican Republic. Below are pictures of Claudia Arias, our bookkeeper, working alongside Ana to fill up the boxes that are destined for Barahona, and get them ready for delivery. 


After filling the boxes with as much of the generously donated goods and supplies provided by our clients, we contacted our shipping experts to pick them up and get them ready to go. 

Sadly, we aren't able to share any pictures of the donated goods being received by the families of Barahona due to a technical glitch that occurred with our point of contact. We hope that we will be able to share more pictures during our next shipment at the beginning of the year in 2023.

In late November, through early December of 2022, we were the generous recipients of a fundraiser sponsored by Earl Bradsher Preschool Center, located in Roxboro, North Carolina. Thanks to their generosity, we received a large monetary donation to help fund our shipping expenses, and also received a truck-load of donated essential goods, and clothing to be sent out.  This couldn't have been possible without the hard-work provided by Treco Lea-Jeffers and Natalia Gomez Vives, through their combined efforts, they were able to coordinate the fundraiser and spread awareness amongst their peers. 

Words cannot express how much it means to all of us here at Ana's Cleaning Services that the thoughtful staff of Earl Bradsher Preschool took it upon themselves to help aid our efforts to share our many blessings with the needing families of Latin America. 

In late December of 2022, we sent out yet another shipment to Guatemala. Thanks to the donated goods and supplies from Earl Brasher, as well as our generous clients that stopped by our office to drop off all of their no longer needed items. We were able to order one of the largest boxes available and send it out immediately. See below for all of the lovely pictures of the happy families receiving their goods. 


Anything helps! If you wish to make a clothing donation to either the Dominican Republic, Mexico or Guatemala, please reach out to us via email at If you wish to make a monetary contribution to help pay for shipping costs and materials, please visit our donations payment portal by clicking here

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